Candid Message: So Many to Write to

The card below was mailed from Melba to her friend, or maybe sister, Marguerite Blaw in Kansas City, Missouri. The year is not visible.

“Dear Marguerite: Hope you will excuse me for not writing sooner, but I could not make up my mind to do it. I have so many to write to. How are you feeling. How is Mama + Mabel? give my love to them With love, Melba.”

Boy, if I was Marguerite, I would feel lucky I made the cut to receive a card from Melba! Good thing she made hr mind up and decided to write to her. Potentially they are sisters, since Melba asked about Mama. Plus, the all “M” theme for first names would be cool- Melba, Marguerite, and Mabel, if she was a sister as well.


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