Message from a Soldier: Corporal (?) Harry Weitz

I have been on a spending spree lately of A.P.O. postmarked soldier’s mail cards between eBay and my club’s meeting a couple weeks ago. Below is one of the recent acquisitions.

You can see on the bottom of this card the location was scratched off when it was censored. I am not sure why all my cards aren’t like this, there are plenty with the location plainly printed on the front.


“Hi Pop, When I saw this card I said to my self…this fellows wife I guess wanted to go to a movie’s that cost more than 10¢…but all kidding aside Pop this is an African Music vendor who makes noise and I do mean noise with these metal things in his hand. they think they are wonderful musicians but we pay them just to get rid of them How have you been and I hope that you aren’t working to hard….I guess that Jackie, Nat and myself all will be home real soon and everything will be really like old time…Jack canetty is in now to..and so is HyLevy…so I guess it don’t matter when we went as we all had to go sometime…real miss you and Mom and the kids terribly and I hope that you will see that they write often love Harry”

You can see Harry used a typewriter on this card, even typing in “free” for the stamp box. He wrote his name and serial number squished in at the top of the card- it looks like he was a corporal. His APO number at first glance looks like 868 (Port Au Spain, Trinidad), but looks like it was corrected to be 668 (Casablanca, Morocco). I’m going to go with Casablanca since Harry says the man on the card is an African music vendor.

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One Response to Message from a Soldier: Corporal (?) Harry Weitz

  1. Harrise says:

    Great card – picture and message!

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