Message from a Soldier: G.L. Hagelshaw

I originally picked this card out for tonight’s post based on the message, which was sent from a lieutenant colonel to his son in Bay City, Michigan. The message is short but sweet: “We have army cars in our hospital- just like yours Daddy”. I didn’t think that I would find a treasure trove of information about the sender and the recipient.

Then I looked at the name of the son. It looks like it says “Master The Kron Prinz Hagelshaw.” It seems like this title was probably a joke of some sort within the family.

At first I tried searching for “Hageishaw Bay City” and was getting nothing. When I realized the last name was Hagelshaw, the first results were an obituary for a Gayland L. Hagelshaw Jr. It can probably be assumed that he was the Kron Prinz Hagelshaw, since the sender’s initials are G.L., and Hagelshaw Jr. was born in October 1938, which would make him almost 5 years old when this card was postmarked. Plus, Hagelshaw is not a very common last name.

In addition to the obituary, I found in Google books multiple items from University of Michigan, including 1929 reunion information with the elder Hagelshaw listed under the medical school. This coincides well with his stamp that lists his location at a hospital. There was also a listing in The Michigan Alumnus showing that he passed away in November 1981.

Then I have no idea how I found this, since the address name is a bunch of numbers, but it looks like a a family website. There is a picture of the father from 1906 when he was a baby. On the back of the photo the note “Dr. in Bay City Mich. 1930-1980” is scribbled out along with his name. You can see both pictures here.

Also, I noticed after I originally published this, Lt. Col. Hagelshaw censored his own card. 🙂


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  1. Diane says:

    Always so informative!!!!

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