Message from a Soldier: Bronen Brothers #2

The first Bronen Brothers card I posted was from a friend Sam to Murray Bronen. In this next card, that was sent almost a year after the first card, Murray is writing to his parents.


“Dear Folks, I guess you’re seeing as much of the country as I am through these postcards. It’s a lot of fun to travel. Love + regards to all Love, Murray.”

Murray is sending this card from Peterson Field in Colorado Springs. He was at Sheppard Field in Texas when he received the first card from Sam, and who knows where else Murray went in between then! During this time, he also got promoted from private up through corporal.

According to the website for what is now known as Peterson Air Force Base,  Peterson Field started out in April 1942 as the Colorado Springs Army Air Base. Prior to being used for the military, it was the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, which was established in 1926. The name “Peterson” replaced “Colorado Springs” after the first casualty on the base. 1st Lt. Edward Peterson crashed during take off when one of his engines failed. The base was used for photo reconnaissance training, so it might be safe to assume for now that this was Murray’s area of expertise.


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