One of F. Earl Christy’s many college series features a man and woman with a school banner. The only card I have from this series is Columbia, but I have also seen online University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and University of Chicago. In one corner of the card, a cheer for the school appears.

This Columbia cheer is pretty basic- “C-O-L-U-M-B-I-A Rah, Rah, Rah C-O-L-U-M-B-I-A.” I don’t know if this was the official cheer of the school at the time, because The World Almanac from 1892 has a section of American College Cheers that shows Columbia’s as “H’ray! h’ray! h’ray! C-O-L-U-M-B-I-A.”

The card was published in 1907 and mailed in 1908 to New York City.

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