Damp Bad Weather Hereabouts


“Damp bad weather hereabouts.”

With all the tornadoes that happened in the south today and watches here up north, I figured this card was appropriate for today! This Dwig card is from the “Jollies and Follies” series published by Tuck, and I just purchased it on Delcampe in the last two weeks. I love the stars in the girl’s hair!

This series is a little on the rarer side of Dwig series, and this card is only my second out of the six in the set. Also, some of the cards were published with borders, this one as you can see has no border on it. I don’t like the idea of having half the series with borders and half without, so it makes the search for the others even harder!

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One Response to Damp Bad Weather Hereabouts

  1. Harrise says:

    Great card!!

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