Message from a Soldier: Bronen Brothers

At my club’s postcard show in May 2014 I bought a bunch of cards from one of the dealers who is always there and some of them were all mailed by the same group of three brothers from the Bronx, NY. Then at our 2015 show I found a few more, totaling 24 in my collection.

Sidney, Murray, and Jack Bronen all overlapped their time away from home during World War II. Some of the cards are mailed between the brothers, others are mailed to their parents at home, one is mailed from a friend to Murray, and some have not been postmarked. The postmarks span between 1943 and 1946. I normally don’t buy cards from 1946 or unpostmarked cards, but since they belong with the rest of the correspondence I made an exception. :p

The earliest postmarked card is from January 29, 1943 to Murray when he was a private at Sheppard Field, TX, from Sam Pressner at Camp Barkeley, TX.


“Dear Murry, Received your letter + can’t write a letter because I’m too tired with (can’t decipher). I’m too far away from you 180 miles in Abeline so forget it + give an extra push for me. I’ll write a letter next week when I’m all settled. Adios Sam”

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