Red Cross Shoes First Loves

“First Loves for the Season Perfectly Gorgeous, Perfect Fitting RED CROSS SHOES.”

The Red Cross Shoes advertising card below was mailed March 29, 1939 from Woodbury, New Jersey for the C.W. Pierson store at 35 South Broad Street. I didn’t even realize until doing this post that this card was mailed from Woodbury, which is right nearby where I grew up.

“We predict a case of love-at-first-sight when you see these brilliant new Red Cross Shoes. Exciting new colors. Dashing new styles. All with the slender grace that’s so smart this season. And all with the perfect, youth-giving fit that makes Red Cross Shoes the choice of America’s smartest women. Come in–see all the glorious new styles awaiting you.”

The styles for sale this season are The Corinthia, The Suzanne, The Exerciser No. 2, and The Harmony.


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One Response to Red Cross Shoes First Loves

  1. Lovely card. And such stylish footwear.

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