Man in the Moon


This Dwig card is from series 21, published by Charles Rose. I call this series the Man in the Moon series because all the moons have faces. I think there are only four cards in the series, I only have four and have never seen any other ones for sale anywhere.

The girl has blonde hair, which is part of the reason I like this card so much. It is the card I have always had as my avatar picture on WordPress. I feel like most of Dwig’s fancy girls have dark hair, with the occasional blonde mixed in. It got me thinking, blonde hair probably wasn’t as prevalent in the early 1900s. 😉 A quick Google search shows that the first commercial hair dye was invented in 1907, one year before this postcard was published. I know my hair wouldn’t be as blonde without it!

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3 Responses to Man in the Moon

  1. Diane Moore says:

    Love this card! And the post!

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  2. Harrise says:

    I love to read your posts – you have an artist’s eye!! I would never noticed that most of the old PC’S were of brown-eyed beauties!!

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