1939 New York World’s Fair- Firestone Exhibit

“The Firestone Building is a striking example of modern architecture, with a great rotunda entrance surmounted by a brilliantly lighted fin, towering 100 feet in the air. It houses a modern tire factory, producing a finished tire every four minutes. Featuring the exhibit is an extensive farmstead which highlights the many and important uses of rubber on the farm. G.W. McLaughlin is the designer. C.D. Smith and Wilbur Watson and Assoc. are the architects.”


The above quote is printed on the back of the card that features the exterior of the Firestone exhibit at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. The sender of the card noted that have to tell the recipients “much about all these wonderful places.”


This card of the production line presumably shows where a tire would be made in four minutes. The first two stations on the line can be read easily, mixing and then gum-dipping, and the other parts of the process are mentioned in a printed description on the back of the card.


This Firestone card shows the Singing Color Fountain at the Firestone exhibit. The color and water would sync to music that was playing.

The video below from archive.org shows amateur footage of the fair. Fast forward to 10:21 and you’ll see people walking into the Firestone building, along with the farm mentioned in the description of the first card. If you look closely you can see the barn in the first card as well. I wrote about the farm only in an earlier blog post with a link to the same video here.

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