Message from a Marine: Cpl. Bob Pinkerton

U.S. Marine Corps

This is a pretty standard card made for the Marine Corps. It was mailed in January 1944 from Camp Le Jeune in North Carolina. I have a couple others just like it, and the backs were completely blank for a message:

“Hi Don, I received your swell Xmas card but it wasn’t until Jan. 20th because some “Joe Dope” had been accepting my mail thinking he knew me and when I finally caught up to him, he had 15 letters, among which was your card. I’m dropping this card because I haven’t time to write just now. I wanted to let you know that I’m shipping out any day now into combat. ‘Spose you wish you were going along but I promised you I’d bag a couple for you and I will. Hope this finds you all well. Say hello to Mom + Dad and the dog for me. Best Regards- Bob.”

There are a couple of things going on in this card that make it so much better than it appears from first glance. Cpl. Pinkerton actually mentions the fact that he is going to kill some people for his friend, which is the most interesting. Most WWII postcards I have do not mention anything along these lines. Also, it is cute that he said to say hi to the dog at the end of the message. Plus, I like the hand drawn stamp box.

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