V for V Soldier Canteen


Last weekend I won what might be my new favorite postcard in my collection. I was watching it on eBay for awhile when it was priced at Buy It Now $49.99. I didn’t want to pay that much for it so that’s why I was watching it for so long, but then the listing had ended and it wasn’t relisted. I waited a few days and as I was about to send a message to the seller asking if he still had it, it popped up as a suggested item from eBay- only now it was $12! It was the same exact card from the same seller, same message and everything. I scooped it up along with some other real photo soldier’s mail cards.

This is the V for V Soldier Canteen in Palm Beach, Florida. It was mailed by a soldier who was staying at the Breakers Hotel, which was the Ream General hospital during the war. You will notice the sign above the V for V Soldier Canteen sign says J.H. Butterfield Co.


I found a website that has a photo of the canteen, and according to that page J.H. Butterfield Co. was a grocery store.

My favorite part of the card is the fact that there are so many people standing out front of the building. There is a marching band here:



Girls who worked at the canteen here (I am assuming since they are all dressed alike and front and center of the building):



And more soldiers off to the left:



The soldier who mailed this card mailed it to his mother in Buffalo, New York. I bet he enjoyed the change of scenery in Palm Beach!

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One Response to V for V Soldier Canteen

  1. Harrise says:

    Congrats on your great acquisition!!

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