New vs. Old Postcards

I am in a Facebook group called “Postcards,” and when I first joined a few years back people really only posted linen era and earlier postcards. Now, most of the posts on there are showing modern cards and requests for newly mailed cards from other countries. I miss seeing the older cards people once used to post. It got me thinking about collecting vintage and antique cards versus modern cards. 

I personally don’t collect any chromes or later periods, but some people intermingle and collect all eras, including cards published today. I suppose the appeal of collecting modern cards includes receiving it in the mail and seeing what country it is mailed from, it’s a card that is mailed to you and not someone else, and they are cheaper than collecting older cards.

What do you think about collecting newer cards? Do you make room for them in your collection? Of course they will be old some day, just like the cards in my collection were new to people at some point.

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8 Responses to New vs. Old Postcards

  1. postcardy says:

    My collection includes all ages, but I am focusing more on older postcards than I used to. I joined Postcrossing for the fun of getting postcards in the mail, but I haven’t sent many cards since the first year, when I quickly got over the 100 card mark. Newly mailed postcards are actually more expensive than many fine vintage postcards when you pay $1.65 each–50¢ for a card and $1.15 for postage. I have bought many great vintage cards at 25¢ to $1.00.

    I collected many modern postcards in the 1980s when there were a lot of interesting collectible ones available. It is sad to see all the excellent postcards of that period lumped together with “worthless” modern postcards. Most collectors don’t even know about them, because they are hardly ever seen at shows or on eBay.

  2. Louise wile says:

    I rarely meet a postcard I don’t like! If you collect views, chromes can be scarce. Like ones from my town and county, sometimes harder to find than vintage or RPs. I do exchange cards with people in other countries, so that is fun and interesting. I try to send cards, if only to keep the hobby going. This is, after all, a dying hobby, as people not mailing anything and it is harder and harder to find postcards — modern ones — to mail. I did get started because my grandparents mailed me postcards in the 1940s and 50s.

  3. Louise wile says:

    Have to beg people to bring me cards from their travels. They don’t have to mail them, just bring me some. A few do. A friend is in Brussels now and I know she will send me a card. And my daughter sent me cards from England. Important to keep hobby alive, but many collectors and dealers aging out and dying. Another friend publishes his own cards from the county. And some people create cards for national postcard week. I have only published one card so far.

  4. Louise wile says:

    Larry Fulton publishes modern cards. He does great stuff. I buy a few. Other people doing interesting work as we’ll.

    • I prefer the older postcards, especially from the Golden Age, simply there were so many more and of a far wider variety than modern ones. They also open up a window to a world that I was never a part of, just as international cards today do, of course. I’ll collect linens and chromes if they’re in my collecting areas and if there’s something about them that catches my eye – the people, street scenes, etc.

  5. My collection is mainly thousands of linens, very few catchy chromes. I have to admit I do always pick up cards or card booklets when I am traveling. So I guess I do accumulate new cards I don’t consider that part of my collection. Some day years from now I guess they will part of someones collection.

  6. Mandy says:

    I really only collect (used) postcards from Chicago, so I look for all eras. My oldest one is from about 1905 and the most recent ones are from the 1980s. I prefer white border and linen style cards, but I don’t really discriminate. I don’t have very many chromes, but it’s because they’re more difficult to find.

    I do also save modern cards from my travels (which includes some from Chicago!), but that’s a separate collection to me.

  7. moore5145 says:

    Sounds like there are all kinds of combinations of old and new!

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