Convalescent Annex U.S. Naval Hospital part 2

Since my last post on the U.S. Naval Hospital Annex in Swarthmore, I purchased the same card and another view of the annex that were mailed by the same serviceman, Charles Wolf of the U.S. Coast Guard.


“Hiya Pop How do you like the joint I’m located at, some scenery eh? Getting every night liberty again, but am afraid it isn’t going to last much longer, as I’m getting well too fast. Don’t see how I can possibly be here more than a week longer. Received your letter this morning. I told you your ankle was probably broken. Better do as the doctor says and keep off of it. You got so much money, you can afford to lay off and get well. Chuck.”

From one injured man to another! Charles mailed the cards to his father in Detroit in March 1943. The card above is the same one that I already had.


This is another view of the annex, and as Charles mentions in his note on the back of this card, it is another of the four buildings that make up the annex.

“Hiya Pop, Here’s another picture of the joint I’m at. This is only one of the four buildings here and isn’t the one I’m in. Just writing you this card to let you know I finally got your letter postmarked March 16th. Don’t forget to write. I expect to have a big weekend with the girl friend as it might be my last for awhile if I go back to duty. However I’m putting in for leave as soon as I get back to Edge Moor. Your son Chuck”

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2 Responses to Convalescent Annex U.S. Naval Hospital part 2

  1. Louise wile says:

    Very interesting finds

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