Message from a Soldier: Pvt. Cal Knyrim


This card of Marseille was mailed by Pvt. Cal Knyrim from the 325th Engineer Combat Battalion to Pvt. Carl Hill at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in November 1944.

“Hi Zeke.- Well kid here I am somewhere in France. I had a pass and got a chance to visit Marseille. Things here are in a hell of a mess. Quite a bit of the city is damaged very bad. Some of the people here are in a bad shape too- many of them are starving and will do most anything to get food. A person can get almost anything for a few cigarettes, soap or chewing gum. I tried to get some stamps for your collection but all they have here are just the common ones but I’ll keep looking around until I find some good ones that you might not have in your collection. Well Carl I guess that is about all from here at present so I guess I’ll close your Pal Carl.”

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