We’re already six days into March, and had one day of snow. I think that’s enough for the rest of the month, and year!

March Birthstone

“Who in this world of ours, their eyes In March first open shall by wise In days of peril firm and brave And wear a Bloodstone to the grave.”

While bloodstones don’t sound like an appealing gemstone, they are pretty. They are also know as heliotropes.

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You can read more about these stones at the link above. Today, aquamarines are the birthstone for March.

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4 Responses to March

  1. Mandy says:

    I’m a March baby! I’ve usually seen it listed with aquamarine as the most common March birthstone, with bloodstone as a secondary choice. I’m not sure I’d ever seen one before though.

  2. Louise wile says:

    Thanks for posting. Nice set. The months / birthstones don’t quite match up with zodiac. Heliotrope means “sun turning” in Greek.

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