Dwig Thanksgiving

Dwig November

The only Thanksgiving themed card I have ever seen by Dwig is this November card from Tuck’s Zodiac series no. 128. Even with a chef’s hat on her head, the woman still has the usual Dwig flower in her hair.

“Oh, did November bring you, dear? And will you promise to be mine? Then I’ll eat turkey all day, and Be thankful for my Valentine!”

The turkey is being lured with food to the ax in her hand! Every month in this series is Valentine themed, so this is neat in that it is also Thanksgiving themed as well. It was mailed February 14, 1911.

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2 Responses to Dwig Thanksgiving

  1. LDNE says:

    Hi there, I found your blog through a Google search for Ellen Clapsaddle. You have put a lot of work into this blog and I can relate to that. I just uploaded a Thanksgiving postcard by her to my blog: http://www.knadle.com Also, I have one Dwig postcard. Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday!

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