Monkey Propaganda Card

WWII Propaganda

Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito weren’t only compared to skunks, they were also portrayed as monkeys. This “Slam the Axis” postcard shows the three enemies as monkeys in a zoo with a sign that reads “Don’t Feed the Animals.” The boy is saying “Look! Uncle Sam made monkeys of ’em.” The card was mailed in October 1943, with a little less than two years to go before the end of the war. Just one of many examples of anti-Hitler/Hirohito/Mussolini postcards that were produced at the time.

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3 Responses to Monkey Propaganda Card

  1. Alan DuBois says:

    Every month is a joy

  2. PHardt says:

    From my grandfather (WWII vet, US Navy, Pacific theater): “Most all those old propaganda cartoons folks think are Hirohito are really supposed to be Tojo. We all thought of him as the real villain. I never really heard anyone talk about Hirohito. It was always ‘Tojo this’ and ‘Tojo that.’ He was the one we really hated.”

    Just something to consider…

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