Red Cross Shoes Card #3

Red Cross

This Red Cross Shoes card was mailed on August 27, 1941. Shoe styles featured on the front are the Vagabond, Davina, Polo, Andrea, and Chateau. The back advertises Red Cross Shoes at Yards Department Store in Trenton, New Jersey.

“How exciting to step forth in the beautiful Red Cross Shoes that won high praise in the recent Fashion Forum of America’s “best-dressed women.”Come in, choose yours today. America’s unchallenged shoe value at …. $6.50.”

The video below shows downtown Trenton and you can see Yards in a few images:

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2 Responses to Red Cross Shoes Card #3

  1. Louise Wile says:

    thanks for telling everyone about the video – it led me to some other similar slideshows on You Tube.. I live across the river from Trenton & do go to the park & museum, as well as the train station. We have some seriously advanced collectors. I know it had quite a history.

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