Maxwell Field

Maxwell Field

Maxwell Field in World War II was the Headquarters Army Air Forces Eastern Flying Training Command. Before this, it was an Army Air Service Repair depot in World War I. The Air Corps Tactical School was moved here from Virginia in 1931, and according to the Encyclopedia of Alabama, “the majority of the Army’s most senior air officers in World War II would be graduates of the school.”

The name came from Lieutenant William C. Maxwell, an Alabama man who died in the Philippines in 1920. Today, instead of being Maxwell Field, it is now the Maxwell Air Force Base, with over 12,500 active-duty, reserve, civilian, and contractor personnel.

Picture of William C. Maxwell

Image of William C. Maxwell from

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3 Responses to Maxwell Field

  1. Louise Wile says:

    interesting…. nice LL card, too!

  2. Marsha Hinnen says:

    Nice postcard! But you overlooked the reason why Maxwell Field was acquired by the Army Air Corps in the first place. The site was originally developed as an air field by the Wright brothers, who established the country’s first civilian flying school there in 1910. See

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