Message from a Soldier: Charles Whitesell

Back Fire

“Hello Little Lamb: How is Karen-do you know where Uncle Chuck is now. Some day I will swing you on your swing when I come back from the army. Love Chuck.”

The card was addressed to Miss Karen Ann Rowe in Springdale, PA.

Searching for the right Charles Whitesell online proved to be challenging because there are a few that were in the Army during World War II, and Chuck didn’t write his serial number on the card. Also, the address on the card was coming up with records for a family with the last name Nelson in the 1940 census, not Whitesell or Rowe.

After lots of Google searching, I found an obituary for Charles C. Whitesell of Bell Township, Pennsylvania, who was survived by his sister Grace Rowe when he passed away in 2003. Then I found Grace Rowe’s obituary from 2009, stating she was survived by her daughter Karen.

Chuck was in the U.S. Air Force in the European Theater.


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One Response to Message from a Soldier: Charles Whitesell

  1. Sheila D. says:

    Great detective work!

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