Neat Censored Card

Today I bought a lot at my postcard show of approximately 70 cards that were all mailed by a soldier to his wife. The Algeria card below was censored by having a section of the card cut out. This is the only card I have censored like this- most of my censored cards have words crossed out in black ink. I wonder what juicy information was cut out?

Censored Algeria Card

Censored Card Back

“Dear Joey:- Just a few lines to say I am o.k. I hope you are all right. There is nothing to write home about. CUT OUT SECTION. Do you get my letters all right now? I will write you a letter in a day or two. I love you, Joey girl. Sending all my love + kisses to my darling wife. So long, your Faithful Husband, Steve.”

The postcards span from 1942-1944, with this one being mailed February 1, 1943.

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2 Responses to Neat Censored Card

  1. Mandy says:

    Nothing to write home about, yet they still felt the need to censor him!

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