Silk Titanic Postcard

I don’t have any postcards showing the Titanic in my collection, so the card below is NOT mine 🙂 But I was browsing on my lunch break the other day on the Online Titanic Museum and came across this silk postcard:

Postcard featured on the Online Titanic Museum.

The description from the site is below:

“The crown jewel in any postcard collection, and easily one of the rarest Titanic postcards, this Stevengraph “Woven in Silk” issue postcard was printed in very limited quantities and would have been available for purchase along with other souvenirs in Titanic’s barbershop. Three such postcards are known to have been mailed directly from Titanic when she docked in Queenstown, Ireland to offload mail and pick up additional passengers.Only a handful of these silk postcards survive today.”

Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re searching for cards!

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3 Responses to Silk Titanic Postcard

  1. Louise Wile says:

    have a bunch of repros. that’s all anyone is likely to find & all I can afford… anything truly authentic costs thousands…. there are cards that were printed after the disaster, but even those run into the hundreds… I posted a few at the anniversary on my POSTCARD DIVA page

  2. Anna says:

    We just found one if these in my grandmothers postcard collection. It’s exactly the same. Is there anything I should look for? She thinks it’s authentic as it was her parents who collected them.

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