Quaddy Playthings

I first learned about Quaddy toy advertising postcards while on postcardcollector. The cards are in a series of 10, done by artist Harrison Cady. What kind of a word is Quaddy you may wonder? Below is an excerpt from a 1916 issue of Publishers Weekly:

“THORNTON W. BURGESS’ “Quaddy” idea bids fair to become a national institution. “Quaddy,” meaning little quadruped, came before the public at first as the name of a series of bedtime for children syndicated through the press and in book form, but so popular did the little “beasties” prove that it is now used on some half dozen different articles of child ware and the Quaddy Playthings Manufacturing Co., of Kansas City, Mo., manufacturers of “Quaddy” toys, games, etc., have just announced an extensive “Quaddy” advertising campaign…”

Mrs. Peter Rabbit

A few weeks ago on eBay someone had the above Mrs. Peter Rabbit Quaddy card on eBay, and I was the only bidder at around $6. Normally, these cards are on eBay for over $50. The card is unused, so I will most likely sell it one day. But it was too good of a buy to pass up!

(no caption)

A Quaddy Peter Rabbit Toy, which was for sale at Hake’s and sold for over $300.

There is also a Thornton W. Burgess Research League blog, where you can see some digital copies of Quaddy stories here.

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3 Responses to Quaddy Playthings

  1. harrise says:

    very cute! you are a wealth of knowledge!! 🙂

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