Message from a Soldier: PFC Lynn Rodgers

Good News

This good news postcard shows soldiers receiving mail. It was mailed by PFC Lynn Rodgers from Quantico, Virginia. He was in Officer Candidates School for the Marines.

“Dear Son: I just got my first mail today 4 Sept 44 Monday. One from home, one from your grandmother, and one from your uncle Armand. Last 2 were forwarded by Calif. Your Daddy.”

This was mailed to Richard Rodgers in Long Beach, California in September 1944. I was able to find a partial death record for a Lynn Rodgers in Long Beach born in 1913 and died in 1996. Perhaps this is a match. I think I need an membership!

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6 Responses to Message from a Soldier: PFC Lynn Rodgers

  1. harrise says:

    sounds like a new career to me!

  2. Louise Wile says:

    think offers a free trial … that probably wouldn’t do you much good. I got my money’s worth doing some family history. the Census stuff is so easy & accessible & interesting…. there are cards similar to this but the artist is Davis, I think…. more like a line drawing. thank you so much for all your hard work on the show, BTW…. it was great!

  3. Louise Wile says:

    maybe try the free trial, if they do offer it – only to see if it would even work for you. I was thrilled w/the 1930 & 1940 Census information. and it is easy to create a family tree, that sort of thing. don’t know if it would be as helpful to you. so much time goes into the research.

  4. Louise Wile says:

    ancestry has added draft cards from WWI & WWII – found my father’s & grandfather’s draft cards… also has link to Social Security Death Index. which can be helpful. they are always expanding so you never know what will be added next.

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