PoCAX 2013 Finds

Yesterday was the South Jersey Postcard Club’s postcard show, the club that I belong to. I am still in the process of scanning everything in from yesterday. There was a good turnout of people and lots of great cards! I met someone who had purchased a card on eBay from me and someone who contacted me from the Riverton Historical Society awhile ago.

Every year there is a contest with boards of postcards of a similar topic that can be voted on. It was the first year I entered a postcard board (all Mainzer cats) into the contest and I won $5.

Loading Torpedo

This is a real photo card of some sailors loading a torpedo. Mailed 1943 from Great Lakes, Illinois.

Sweetheart Monument

Sweetheart Monument at Fort Devens in Massachusetts. This was called Camp Devens during WWI, and it is legend that when a sweetheart came to visit her man here, she would bring a rock with her. These are the rocks that make up the monument. This was mailed June 13, 1945, so the war in Europe was over but the war with Japan was still happening.


A Navy comic card with Popeye! Mailed October 1944.


Large letter greetings from Annapolis.

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2 Responses to PoCAX 2013 Finds

  1. harrise says:

    So glad you won a prize!! Thanks for all of your help! Our show may not be as big as Allentown, but it is mighty friendly and there were plenty of cards there for the picking!

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