Twelvetrees Rooster



This rooster is by Charles Twelvetrees and published by Edward Gross Co. “Don’t blame the yellow streak on me I WAS A BAD EGG.” It was mailed July 20, 1921. I have no idea what the back of the card says, as it was written in some sort of code or shorthand maybe.

Secret Message


Maybe the sender, Lexter B. Jacobs, was trying to send something scandalous!

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4 Responses to Twelvetrees Rooster

  1. Mandy says:

    Yeah, looks like shorthand. I have a postcard where part of the message is written in shorthand. I tried looking it up, but I couldn’t figure out what any of the symbols were supposed to be, so it was impossible to interpret.

  2. harrise says:

    so cute!!

    • Louise Wile says:

      shorthand…. I see many cards written in shorthand…. too bad no one can read the messages today, don’t think this is taught in HS any more! shorthand was taught in HS in my day, as many girls were going to become secretaries. so everyone learned to type & take dictation….

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