Message from a Soldier: Captain Nelson Taylor- Snow White #21

Snow White #21

In card #21, Snow White kisses the dwarfs before they leave for work at the mine.

“Dearest Mike: There is a Trophy Park here in Camp Tophat where there are two German pursuit planes, several A.A. and machine guns. We saw some soldiers using a 155 mm (like our “Long Tom”) for a merry-go-round. Love, Dad.” It was mailed on September 16, 1945, just two weeks after Japan officially surrendered.

A Long Tom is a 155 mm gun that shoots 100 pound shells up to almost 14 miles. There are different variations of them. They were first used in World War II, and they were also used in the Korean War. Below is a picture of one from WWII In Color.

155mm 'Long Tom'

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