Excelsior Stove


This is an advertising postcard that was mailed in 1908 showing a stove from Excelsior Stove & Manufacturing Company, based in Quincy, Illinois. Excelsior also had branches in Oklahoma City, St. Paul, and Paris, Texas. Their policy in a booklet from the 1940s:

“To devote our energy experience and resources in a faithful endeavor to supply our customers with stoves, ranges and furnaces that will prove worthy of their respect and confidence at fair and reasonable prices.”

“Heverly Bros. STOVES and HDWE Center Point, Ia” is also printed above the stove. The reason I liked this card was because of the anthropomorphic food and dishes hopping out of the stove. Notice how the little potatoes have their arms linked! So cute.

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2 Responses to Excelsior Stove

  1. Louise Wile says:

    love it! great card ….

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