Which is the Skunk?


Puzzle… Which is the skunk? Your choices are Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. Such a cute looking skunk on a card with evil men!

Skunks are fairly common subject matter when it comes to World War II propaganda cards. I have tried researching their meaning, but have found nothing. Skunks are associated with smelling bad, and you would want to get rid of them like you would the three dictators above? That’s my best guess!

This card was sent from Sergeant Weldon Simmons, part of the 383rd C.C.T.S (Combat Crew Training Squadron) when he was at Peterson Field in Colorado Springs in December 1943.

“Hi Folks, sorry I’ve been so neglectful in writing but I suppose Mabel has told you how I am about that.

I just got out of the hospital, had a light case of flu but feel O.K. now. Expect to start flying again this week sometime.

Well, must close for now, tell everyone hello and have a nice Christmas. Weldon”

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