Chase & Sanborn at the 1939 New York World’s Fair

Chase and Sanborn

Chase & Sanborn Coffee, which you can still buy today, was formed in 1863. Starting in 1878, they were the first company to put roasted coffee in sealed cans.

Standard Brands Incorporated was formed in 1929 by combining Chase & Sanborn, Fleischmann Company, and the Royal Baking Powder Company. They exhibited in the Standard Brands Building at the 1939/40 New York World’s Fair. One feature was a Marionette show featuring Mr. Chase and Mr. Sanborn, which are the two heads pictured on today’s can of coffee (the founders).

This card shows the Marionettes on a tandem bicycle. It was mailed July 26, 1939 and the printed text on the back says:

“The Standard Brands Marionette Show is one of the outstanding features of The New York World’s Fair. The cast is made up of Marionettes of Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Rudy Vallee, Don Ameche, and Dorothy Lamour, supported with a girl chorus, circus performers, animals and others. All of the puppets were made by the world famous puppeteer, Miss Sue Hastings.”

Want to see the show in action? Click on this link here from the Internet Archive to see amateur footage of Mr. Chase and Mr. Sanborn.

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