Book Review: Large Letter Postcards

I have had this book, Large Letter Postcards: The Definitive Guide 1930s to 1950s for a little while and have finally gotten around to reading the textual part of it all the way through.

This book serves as a great reference guide for large letter linens, with over 2,000 of the cards pictured at the end of the book with a price guide (that part I skimmed). The authors went into great detail on the manufacturers of large letter cards and even had examples of how some cards were ordered and made from the Curt Teich Archives.

This is where I will be sounding extremely harsh, so cover your ears if you don’t want to hear! To me, no matter how great a book, if there are writing errors on ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PAGE, it is painful to read. That was the case here. Most of the book was pictures, and the parts that were informational/text were chock-full of errors.

I always see the word postcard as one word, never two separate words. This whole book, except for the title and first page, spelled postcard as “post card.” Interesting.

There were stupid typos such as spelling “among” as “ampng,” extra words thrown into sentences, using “affect” instead of “effect,” etc. I could have kept an extensive list. It is very frustrating to read a published book that looks like it was a last minute paper submitted by a high school student who did not proofread.

Overall, I would suggest this book solely for the reference guide of large letter linens at the end. I have used this section several times to determine a fair value of a large letter card. If you don’t mind writing errors, then you may even enjoy reading this.

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One Response to Book Review: Large Letter Postcards

  1. postcardy says:

    I thought the text was very informative and had a lot of information that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

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