Military Christmas Soldier’s Mail

Merry Christmas

Private Carl Lorraine mailed this card to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sanders from Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. It was postmarked December 22, 1942, so Carl most likely spent his Christmas at camp. The front shows a sailor and two soldiers singing Christmas carols. This is the only Christmas related military card that I have.

Obviously, this is different from most postcards because the front is postmarked. The back is completely blank (except for his message). I am not sure if there is a different name for cards like this, but I still like them!

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2 Responses to Military Christmas Soldier’s Mail

  1. Louise Wile says:

    technically, think you call it a postal. It’s not really a postcard. But yeah, these are hard to find. I might have some postals from my father & grandfather, from WW wars II & I. have to look to see if there are any Xmas. keep up the good work. and have a happy.

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