Lancaster Postcard Show 2012

Yesterday was the Morlatton Postcard Club’s Show in Lancaster, PA. I found a decent amount of cards mailed by soldiers during World War II, along with a Winsch Santa and 2 PCK Pansy Girl cards.

This card features FDR’s head on the body of a football player with the caption “Our Quarterback.” I almost came home without it, but as I was checking out I noticed it in a dealer’s case. I was hoping it was mailed by a soldier and it was! It was mailed with a U.S. Navy postmarked on June 26, 1943 from a father to his son for his “all-American collection.”

This PCK Pansy Girl card is of Easton, PA. It was mailed in 1908 from Easton to Annandale, NJ.

One of many military comic cards that I found. I have always wanted this one because I think the skunk is cute, but I could never find it mailed by a soldier. This card was mailed April 19, 1943 by Lawrence J. Young, who was about to start his exams to see whether he would be classified as a bombardier, pilot, or navigator.

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One Response to Lancaster Postcard Show 2012

  1. Harrise C. Kall says:

    glad you were able to get some great cards! I wanted to go to that show, but Alan hates to be there on Black Friday week-end!!

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