1907 Correspondence Club for Postcards

This postcard of the Esplanade at East Side Park in Paterson, NJ was mailed in 1907. The sender started a message on the front of the card about a correspondence club for postcards.

“Card rec’d. Thanks! I prefer colored views. How did you get my name? And would you like to join a correspondence club for post cards? We have a good club in the I.C.C. (?) Ever hear of it? Will send particulars if you are interested.

A. Edison Whitney

198 Market St.

Paterson, N.J.”

How cute! Postcard clubs existed back then. I knew people liked to collect postcards, but this is the first postcard I found in my collection that talks about an actual club. The card was mailed to Miss Norman S. Swartz in Philadelphia.

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One Response to 1907 Correspondence Club for Postcards

  1. Mandy says:

    How weird! How DID she get this person’s name/address?

    I have quite a few cards that mention a club. Usually it’s the initial message, like, “would you like to exchange views? I like everything but comics”.

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