PCK Flower Girl Series

This card shows a girl’s face in a pansy with multi-views of Charleston, South Carolina. It was part of the group of 5 cards for $30 I had gotten from the antique store near me. I decided to keep it because I think it is pretty and there is a whole series. It was mailed in 1908 from Charleston to Baltimore. I just won the Savannah, GA card online last week.

The cards are published by PCK, which stands for Paul C. Koeber Co., based in New York and also Germany. They are a little pricey from what I have found online, most are in the $30-$45 range. Part of the reason I picked this card out is because I know this series is somewhat rare.

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One Response to PCK Flower Girl Series

  1. Louise Wile says:

    yes, pricey, but I like them a lot…. I usually do well when I sell them – or did in the past.

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