Hallowe’en Greeting

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I hope that everyone with children and grandchildren is able to enjoy it! To continue the Halloween spirit this is the last Halloween card being shown. This Clapsaddle card of a scared little boy that was reading ghost stories was postmarked on Halloween of 1912. Enjoy the holiday!

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3 Responses to Hallowe’en Greeting

  1. Louise Wile says:

    postponed in most towns… for safety…. I don’t really participate, anyway…. my kids grown & gone.. need to postpone, as it is too dangerous, too dark, too much debris…… power is out in most places in NE…… kids should not be out. Wires & downed trees on many roads….. cannot drive on many roads, blocked by fallen trees. a mess. disaster……. Halloween canceled this year, we already had monster! No candy for Sandy….. NJ having next Monday, as per Gov C. Other towns on town wide basis.

  2. Louise Wile says:

    cute card.. you can post more because this Halloween will not be happening today / tonight in most areas around here.

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