Turned into Pumpkins

Here is a Halloween superstition I haven’t seen too often on cards. “If you laugh at a witch on Hallowe’en, you’ll be turned into pumpkins, like the man in this scene.” That is one scary looking witch, with the quintessential black cat next to her (awfully scrawny though!)

So don’t go around smiling at witches on Halloween! Someone tried to warn Amelia I guess. This card was addressed to her Philadelphia address, but never mailed.

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4 Responses to Turned into Pumpkins

  1. Louise Wile says:

    interesting! Many cards were mailed in glassine envelopes. Once in a while I find a card still in the envelope – address can / could be seen through the glassine. So it’s hard to know if card was always postally used / unused. You cannot always tell, unless the glassine envelope is still holding the card & was postmarked, but the envelopes usually tossed.

  2. Mandy says:

    Ha, what a goofy sentiment! Pumpkin dude looks like a cross between Frosty and the Michelin man.

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