Fair October

“When fair October to her brings the beryl, No longer need she fear misfortune’s peril.”

Hard to believe that October is here already! This Tuck & Sons Sentiments of the Months postcard shows all the elements of October- Scorpios, the birthstone beryl as mentioned in the poem (green beryls are emeralds), and hops as the flower of the month.

Below is an October card published by Nash. Both of these cards are c1910, but you will see the Nash card has an Opal as the birthstone, which is more commonly seen as October’s stone, and goldenrod as the flower.

Other October cards from this time period also have Opal on them as the birthstone. Emeralds are May’s birthstone, so where did Tuck & Sons get the idea to use emeralds for October?

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One Response to Fair October

  1. Raghavendra says:

    very nice picture , thanks for publishing this post

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