Sun & Surf Villas

This ruffly edged linen shows the Sun & Surf Villas in Miami Beach, Florida. As you can see under the asterisks in the upper left corner, the villas used to be the Helen-Mar Villas. They were located on the ocean at 41st Street and Collins Avenue. This card was mailed in February of 1944, so the conversion happened sometime prior to that.

I often see colorful Florida linens in 25 cent boxes. I like them because they are so colorful and often art deco. I like the little umbrellas on the beach. The card was mailed back home to the sender Eleanor’s parents in Rockford, Illinois.

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2 Responses to Sun & Surf Villas

  1. Mandy says:

    These linens are my favorite style of postcards. I especially like the ones with drawings that appear almost cartoonish in nature (like this one).

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