Paratroopers in WWII

Right now I am reading a memoir lent to me by a World War II vet called “My Great Adventure to Normandy and Back.” The author, Edward Kent, was a gunner but talks about paratroopers and gliders during Normandy. He noted how dangerous a paratrooper’s job was because they didn’t know where they were going to land, and they had to find other paratroopers or troops once they did land. Being a paratrooper was a voluntary position. Kent believed they were compensated more than other military positions, but said they deserved it.

A famous example of a paratrooper getting stuck was when John Steele was stuck on a church in Normandy when his parachute got caught. He hung there for a couple hours and pretended like he was dead until he was taken prisoner by the Germans.

The above card is a comic card of a paratrooper. I like the little bird flying by him.

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