Twelveterees Dutch Boy

This card is one of Twelvetrees’ Dutch children. Dutch peoples’ accents were highly scrutinized during the Golden Age of postcards, and there are people who have collections of these postcards. The caption on this card says “I dream of you py der night und I dream of you py der day, allready yet!” I am not sure if “py der” is supposed to translate to my dear? Maybe the translation of it isn’t supposed to make sense either! The postmark of this card cuts off the date, but it was mailed c1918.

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2 Responses to Twelveterees Dutch Boy

  1. Louise Wile says:

    BY THE DAY & BY THE NIGHT…. makes fun of PA Dutch (German) accents. Not Dutch! PA Dutch is really reference to Germans. py = by. der = day. I don’t care for these cards, as they reflect a stereotype of the era. But I know people collect “Dutch children.” This is sweet, as these things go. People from Germany, like some of my ancestors, emigrated to Pennsylvania. Somehow they became PA DUTCH but they are not DUTCH! Not from the Netherlands. I dream of you by the night and I dream of you by the day….. allready yet, sounds Yiddish! Which is related to German. Wonder when this was actually printed, as cards stopped being published in Germany by WW I.

  2. postcardy says:

    “Dutch Kids” have wooden shoes. That type of humorous “Dutch Kids” card with the fake accents seems to have been only printed in the U.S. More realistic looking Dutch Kids were also popular at the time.

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