A Little Behind on My Mail

This Jiffy card published by WIPCO says “A Little Behind on My Mail” with different options soldiers could check on why they haven’t written. This particular soldier was doing K.P. (kitchen patrol) and had no time. The soldier on this card has his little behind on a pile of mail šŸ˜‰ There is also a Navy version of this card, where a little sailor is in a raft sitting on a pile of mail, but I do not have it in my collection.

Jiffy postcards were a quick way for a soldier to mail home, and sometimes also let the receiver know what supplies they were short on.

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One Response to A Little Behind on My Mail

  1. Louise Wile says:

    cute… have not seen before… also called BUSY PEOPLE correspondence – my grandfather used to send these cards to me in the 1940s & 50s. I have only 2 in my possession from all the ones he sent…. will keep an eye out for these, – I have customers who collect military comix

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