U.S.S. Roper

The U.S.S. Roper was a destroyer built in 1918 and used in World War II before being sold and scrapped in 1946. This card was mailed in July of 1942, and the sender noted that he should have sent this card three months earlier. At that time in April of 1942 U.S.S. Roper destroyed a German submarine, and a confidential report filed the day after the event can be read at U-Boat Archive here.

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5 Responses to U.S.S. Roper

  1. Cheri Johnston says:

    Thank you for posting the USS Roper postcard! There is a plaque honoring Jesse M Roper, for whom the USS Roper was named, in Memorial Hall in Bancroft Hall at the US Naval Academy. LCDR Roper died in 1901 while trying to rescue a crewman. He was a distant cousin.

  2. Lannie Pollard says:

    My father Charles Robert Pollard served on the ship ( 1943-1945.)

  3. Lannie Pollard says:

    Also I have the same picture as shown on your site. I also have pictures of the ship’s damage after attacks by the enemy’s air crafts.

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