Grand Central Terminal

I found this card at a postcard meeting in a 25 cent box and picked it up because I liked all the old cars on the street. It features Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

“GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL STATION The Grand Central Terminal covers 69.8 acres, facing East 42nd Street, from Vanderbilt to Lexington Avenue, the largest and most costly Railroad Station in the World. It has 31 miles of tracks under cover, with a capacity for handling 200 trains and 70,000 passengers each hour. There are 42 tracks for long distance express trains on the 42nd Street level, and 25 tracks for suburban trains in concourse, 25 feet below the street.”

The station formally opened in February of 1913 after 10 years of construction and was still not completed. It prospered until the 1950s, when a decrease in revenue was seen due to people moving to the suburbs and buying automobiles. In the 1960s it was saved from being demolished on several occasions. Luckily it was saved because it serves as a nice example of early architecture in a city overrun with skyscrapers.

Grand Central today- photo from NYC Subway News.

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