Postcards from the Naval Training Station in Farragut, Idaho

Farragut, Idaho was home to a Naval Training Station starting in 1942. There were six different camps along Farragut Boulevard. Joseph F. Zadro was at Camp Bennion and mailed postcards home to his family in 1944. I acquired 9 of his postcards, all of which are real photo postcards showing different activities at the camps. Below are two of the cards.

“Wash Day,” mailed February 18, 1944. “Dear Mother and Dad, Another day has gone by in the Navy. I’m sending you a picture of our laundry system. That’s the way we wash our clothes. I’ll be glad when we begin to send our dirty clothes to the Navy laundry. Your loving son, “Joe.””

“Regimental Barber Shop,” mailed four days before the above card on February 14, 1944. “Dear Mother and Dad, Received your lovely Valentine’s Day card. I didn’t get a chance to send you one so please forgive me. Today we got our last haircut. On the other side of this card gives you an idea how it was done. So sorry that I didn’t write sooner because I was busy. Your son, “Joe.””

The last name Zadro is pretty unusual, so when I Googled “”Joseph Zadro” World War II,” only 4 results showed up. One was an obituary from October 28, 2011 for Joseph F. Zadro of St. John, Indiana. “He was a Veteran of the U.S. Navy WWII and a retired employee of Commonwealth Edison. Joe was well known and will always be remembered for his model railroads and beautiful handmade wooden battleships.” Pretty sure this is a match!

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2 Responses to Postcards from the Naval Training Station in Farragut, Idaho

  1. Harrise C. Kall says:

    very cool! You are an amazing historian!

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