Twelvetrees Parrot

I love this Twelvetrees postcard of a parrot. It was purchased at the most recent Lancaster postcard show I went to. When you see any animals on postcards by Twelvetrees, they are usually cats or dogs. This parrot says “Where the hell’s father? I can’t understand the others.” I don’t know what this saying means, but it is in the Catalogue of Copyright Entries for 1919 under Edward Gross  (the publisher) and Charles Twelvetrees.

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3 Responses to Twelvetrees Parrot

  1. Louise Wile says:

    hmmm…. curious saying — like the reference, as a writer (my career for 40+ years) (in publishing & journalism)….. rather before my time, as are many PC references. At WC4, we do a meeting where people can show a single card – and elicit comments — this would be a great entry.

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  3. pimdekort says:

    Reblogged this on Parrot Museum and commented:
    No necessary search for this topic …

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