Allentown Paper Show

Next Saturday, July 21st is the Allentown Paper Show. I have never been to it before (they do it a couple times a year), and am going in the hopes of finding postcards and Chicago World’s Fair paper items and photos. There will be over 140 vendors. It sounds nice because it is only paper, no other antiques to get in my way of what I love to search for! For information on the time, discount admission, and directions, you can look at their website here.

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7 Responses to Allentown Paper Show

  1. Louise Wile says:

    3 times a year……. spring show is TWO days, and more vendors…….. summer is only one day…… have been going for nigh on 20 years……. the two room show is overwhelming, but the one-room show can also feel overwhelming……. there are other antiques, this & that, in the paper & etc etc etc department but millions of postcards …… too much for one day, most people send the entire day there….. am sure you will find tons….. bring $$$$…… we’ve been setting up but I am personally crazed & overwhelmed by moving & thus will make appearance at our booth but am not bringing my cards, …… I think our booth # is 66 or 67, it changes a bit for the summer show — not as many dealers

  2. Louise Wile says:

    MILLIONS of postcards, literally… only larger show is YORK in the fall, of course. GS almost as large. TONS of books, maps, magazines, be much more fun to buy than sell. I am going thru everything I own in the next two years & am sure I have Chicago items. Right now am just trying to get things in boxes and out of this house, into the next…… Most of the PC inventory is in our office, but I have about 40,000 cards unsorted/unfiled……

  3. Louise Wile says:

    There IS “Postcard Row” — but postcards thruout the building….. only the one day for this show, and different dealers at the 3 shows…….. most people go to the spring show, but summer can be quite good, as it’s different dealers — some dealers only want to do the spring show

  4. Louise Wile says:

    I’ve posted the adv card for show several times on my FB page……

  5. Harrise C. Kall says:

    Sorry we won’t be there because we are going to a show in Harrisonburg VA the next week (we are meeting Ray and his wife there!) and Alan can’t take off two Saturdays in a row!! Hope your birthday was great – the meeting was sort of boring and hot – old Walter didn’t even show up, so the auction had unsold items. We did have guests show up – a man and a couple – saw our website – we must work on that FB page one of these days!!
    See you hopefully in August!! 🙂

  6. Louise Wile says:

    sorry, wrong booth # — we are at #79…….. under Mike’s name… bring lots of $$$$…… you can find just about anything at Allentown, I never get to shop anymore, which is good, as I’m not buying anything right now

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