Sad Postcard Message: Sick People

“Dear Edna + Leonard- Dad has been in the hospital 9 days- to the tune of $200. Extensive tests showed he has very painful ulcer in bowels. He isn’t allowed to eat anything but cream + eggs. He’d love to hear from you. Would you let the rest of family know? We’ve kept too busy to write anyone. Gary Lee was born Dec. 7 weighed 7 lbs. He’s so husky- thank goodness. Craig almost had pneumonia last week but is better now. Hope you are ok. Our address across top of card. Louise + all.”

It seems fitting that a message all about sick people would be on the back of a postcard featuring a hospital (Wesley Memorial Hospital in Chicago). The sender’s dad was sick, another friend or relative might have had pneumonia, and it sounds like they just had a baby!

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2 Responses to Sad Postcard Message: Sick People

  1. Mandy says:

    Cream and eggs sounds like a terrible diet for a sick person!

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