Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park in Chicago was named after the famous German scientist Baron Freidrich Heinrich Alexander Von Humboldt. It is located at 1440 North Sacramento Avenue. The fieldhouse, which was designed in 1928, has a grand ballroom that can be rented out for weddings and graduation parties.

“Gateway to Humboldt Park, Chicago.” Mailed 1910, published by V.O. Hammon.

“Scene in Sunken Garden in New Section of Humboldt Park, Chicago.” Mailed 1913, also published by V.O. Hammon.

“Humboldt Park Chicago, New Concert Pavilion. One of the largest West side parks, area 206 acres.” Mailed 1921.

“Boat House, Humboldt Park, Chicago.” Mailed 1945. This is the fieldhouse mentioned above. The description on the back reads: “Boat landing, refectory, and recreation center in Humboldt Park on Chicago’s great Northwest Side. The lagoon here offers opportunity for a quiet and delightful row boat ride along tree-lined shores in one of the most beautiful spots in the Chicago Park District.”

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